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Our 4 adolescent psychologists and 3 adolescent counsellors, in North Parramatta, have expertise in mental health counselling and in working with children and adolescents.

When you contact us, we will help you choose the best match for your situation from our psychologists and family therapy qualified counsellors.

We are open daytime and after hours, Monday to Saturday, including evenings.

For full details on our fees see Psychologist Services.

Our adolescent psychologists and counsellors

Amy Stubbs

Amy Stubbs


$150 per hour session

Elise Olivier

Elise Olivier

Psychologist, Clinical Supervisor

$160 per hour session

Faye Hanson

Faye Hanson

Psychologist, Clinical Supervisor

$160 per hour session

Ralph Holwerda

Ralph Holwerda

Clinical Registered Counsellor,
Clinical Supervisor

Master of Counselling
$130-$150 per hour session

Rochelle Dawson

Rochelle Dawson

Clinical Registered Counsellor

Master of Counselling
$120 per hour session

Adolescent Counselling

There are a set of unique issues that adolescents face as they grow and change throughout their developmental years. There’s a special kind of nurturing that they require from their parents and the specialists involved in their life. Raising children can be stressful, and parents can find themselves confused and concerned for their children and wanting some expert advice and support to ensure their children are supported during these formative years.

Bridges Counselling can match your child’s specific needs to one of our professionals to ensure they can meet their emotional and developmental potential. Our counsellors and psychologists have extra training and experience to ensure that they can offer the best possible treatment for your children and young people.

During childhood and adolescence, a person goes through many changes, with their learning, their physiology, their hormones and their brain development. Each stage of development sees different issues that can be focussed on during therapy. We can offer assessment, diagnosis, early intervention and psychological treatments to children of all ages from 4 to 18 years of age.


The high school years present an entirely new set of goals and issues for development. During this time the adolescent brain is undergoing a transformation in structure and chemistry, this can lead to some difficult years which young people need support to navigate. Specifically, the pre-frontal cortex, or the front part of the brain, is developing and expanding in this time. This is the part of the brain that is responsible for moral thought, decision making, and social behaviour. Young people, in this time make decisions that are narrow minded, or impulsive and can have negative affects on their social connections and safety and wellbeing. As well as this their social and educational settings are expanding and the demands they find imposed on them can lead to stress and emotional reactions.

Common issues teenagers find that they need to see a professional about include, anxieties such as social anxiety and performance anxiety in relation to grades. They often need help to navigate social issues such as bullying, relationship issues and their developing social identity. Teenagers can also become victim to peer influence and participate in risky behaviour because of peer pressure. Partly due to their desire to fit into social groups and partly bause of their teenage brain as discussed above. Adolescents can get support to develop their communication skills and their problem solving skills which will help them both now and into the future as they prepare for life after school.

They may also require support to express themselves in helpful ways without resorting to problematic reactions such as anger and aggression. This is the time where their world is opening up to them and they may need support to navigate peer pressure. They may find themselves adopting unhelpful coping skills such as alcohol or drug abuse, or risk taking behaviours.

Family Therapy

The above mentioned issues may be dealt with in individual, one on one modality, or they may be best treated using a family therapy model whereby other members of the family may be called upon to participate in the sessions to better support the child and young person’s development towards their therapeutic goals. This may encompass relationship building, attachment building, routine setting, improving communication, or educating family members.

Our adolescent psychologists and counsellors may invite the whole family to sessions, the individual’s siblings, or a parent, both parents or a step parent. These decisions will always be mad in consultation and negotiation with the child or young person and their representing parent.

Family Therapy enables family members to:


Express and explore difficult thoughts and emotions safely.

Understand each other’s experiences and views

Appreciate each other’s needs, and build on strengths

Make useful changes in their relationships and their lives

Family Therapy may cover any of these issues:

  • Anger management
  • Separation and divorce, and the impact on family members
  • Building better relationships
  • Child protection
  • Communication issues
  • Conflict resolution
  • Decision making and negotiation
  • Emotional abuse
  • Extended family and boundaries
  • Family mediation and parenting plans
  • Family roles, power and control issues
  • Family or domestic violence and abuse
  • Parenting issues
  • Step family and extended family conflict
  • Step family parenting issues

Ring us and we will offer you a choice of counsellors or psychologists qualified and experienced for your situation.

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