Frequently Asked Questions & Fees

How to Book

What happens when I ring?

Ring us 9-5pm for a free 15 min phone consultation with our Intake Counsellor. We will help you choose the best match for your situation from our team of counsellors and psychologists.

Should I see a Psychologist or a Registered Counsellor?

Our first priority is to understand clearly your issues and goals when you first ring us to book. We then recommend the best options of counsellors or psychologists based on their professional training and experience, and availability, and cost.

Our psychologists work routinely with anxiety, depression, children and adolescents. Our registered counsellors work routinely with couples counselling, and individuals with complex, long-standing issues.

How well qualified are your counsellors and psychologists?

All of our Counsellors and Psychologists have broadly equivalent training, having Master’s degrees or the equivalent in long term experience. All of our Registered Counsellors have completed Masters degrees or the equivalent in counselling.

Counsellors are registered at Registered and Clinical levels. Our Counsellors are registered with the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA), and the Australian Register of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (ARCAP).

Our Psychologists are registered with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

Can I try a couple of therapists, to ensure I find someone I'm really comfortable with?

That’s perfectly OK. We do this from time to time. Just raise this with your therapist or the Intake Counsellor, and we will organise an alternative.


What does counselling cost?


$170 per hour session. You may

  1. Pay the full amount
  2. Request a Mental Health Plan from your GP. The rebate is $84.80.
  3. Use your private health insurance

Bulk Billing only applies if you have a Health Care card from Centrelink. Concessions may be available if there is genuine financial difficulty.

Registered Counsellors

Fees range from $90 to $170, based on experience and whether counselling is after hours. Concessions may be available if there is financial difficulty, or if you have private health insurance with Medibank Private or Australian Unity. Our Master of Counselling Intern provides free counselling.


Can I claim a rebate from Medicare?

Mental Health Plans

If you have a condition that a GP regards as a mental health issue, they can write a Mental Health Plan for you to see a Psychologist. This will entitle you to a Medicare Rebate for up to 10 sessions per calendar year. You pay $170 per session. The rebate is $85 per session. The gap payment will be $85.

If you see a Registered Counsellor, you will not be eligible for a Medicare rebate. However, other concessions and rebates may be available so that there is little cost difference between a psychologist and a counsellor.

Do Medicare Rebates cover Chronic Health, Pregnancy Support or Autism?

Enhanced Primary Care Plan – Children and people with Chronic Health Issues may be eligible for this rebate for up to 5 sessions only per calendar year. This can only be given by a GP managing your health issues. This provides a rebate of $52 only per session.

Pregnancy Support Plan – Women who have pregnancy related conditions or concerns are for up to 3 sessions per pregnancy, during pregnancy and up to 12 months after the birth of their child. GP’s only can refer for this service. The rebate for this service is $76.60.

Helping Children with Autism Plan – can come from either a paediatrician or psychiatrist where there is suspected of diagnosed Autism Spectrum Disorder. This entitles a child up to 12 years old to access 4 assessment, and 20 treatment sessions once in their lifetime.

Tips for First Session

How many sessions will be needed?

It depends. The average would be about 6 fortnightly sessions, but the frequency and duration of counselling will vary according to the issues.

How can I prepare myself for counselling?

Be as relaxed as possible. Arrive early for the first session as we have a nice waiting room and cafe nearby. No other preparation is required.

Is it normal to feel anxious about counselling?

Absolutely. It is normal to have some anxiety. We hugely respect your courage to venture into counselling and will endeavour to make the counselling room as safe as possible for you.

What information do you need from me?

Nothing. When you arrive, you will be asked to fill in a form with basic details.

What should I expect in the first session?

The first session allows the counsellor or psychologist to understand the landscape of the concerns that have brought you to counselling. As the end of the first session, they will explain they offer as the next steps, or negotiate a plan with you.

What is your Privacy and Confidentiality Policy?
How successful is counselling?

Does counselling help? 95% of our clients continue after their first session. The average duration of counselling at our clinic is about 5-6 sessions. To reassure you that our services are right for you, please call us for a free 15 min consultation.

Ring us and we will offer you a choice of counsellors or psychologists qualified and experienced for your situation.

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