Carolyn Fiander

Carolyn Fiander

Counsellor - Provisional membership with PACFA

M Counselling, BA, Dip Teach (Primary)

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Carolyn values each unique person and works to provide a safe and collaborative therapeutic relationship. Carolyn is passionate about helping people connect, to self and others, particularly those with a history of trauma. She is a Master's degree qualified individual and couples therapist.


Areas of Counselling Practice

Mental Health, Grief and Trauma

  • Adult mental health issues
  • Adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Anxiety, depression and stress management
  • Coping with emotions
  • Emotional, physical and sexual abuse – past or present
  • Family-of-origin issues
  • Grief & loss counselling
  • PTSD
  • Trauma – past or present


  • Marriage and relationship counselling
  • Carer related issues
  • Life transitions and life coaching
  • Self-esteem and confidence
  • Spirituality (Christian perspective)
  • Student issues
  • Women’s issues

How I Approach Counselling

I value each individual, and reflect that in my counselling by providing a safe, non-judgmental space where clients are encouraged to work collaboratively. It is my hope that in this trauma-informed space, each client will find the support and inner strength they need to be able to face their current struggles. Each client is a unique person of great worth and I want them to recognise it.

Connection and safety drive much of who we are as people wired for relationship. These are foundational principles of my approach to counselling, tuning in to a client’s specific struggles and needs in a safe and collaborative therapeutic relationship.

Being empathically attuned to honour each client’s perspective and experience, I encourage clients to explore their longings, identifying who they are as a person, their strengths, values and struggles. This may involve psychoeducation, particularly making sense of reactions from a neurobiological perspective. Also, clients may be guided to explore their emotions, cognitions, and physical reactions.

I work in an integrative way, informed by a number of psychological theories and models, taking into consideration a client’s particular needs. It is my hope that clients might find safety, aware that they will be treated with respect and that confidentiality and privacy will be maintained at all times.

My counselling draws on:

  • Attachment Theory and Family of Origin
  • Developmental Theories
  • Emotion-focussed Therapy
  • Person-centred Therapy
  • Interpersonal process Therapy
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy including Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  • Systems Theory

For the Christian clients, I am able to integrate faith & spirituality issues in counselling, while also respecting the autonomy, faith, and values of clients from different faith backgrounds.


$90 per hour session. Concessions may be available for those with financial difficulties.

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