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David BridgesHello, my name is David Bridges. I would love to introduce you to our amazing team of psychologists and counsellors.

We offer expertise in Relationship Counselling, Psychology Services, Supervision Services and a range of other specialty areas. Our goal is that you choose a counselling professional that best matches your needs.

Ring us for a free 15-minute phone consultation with our Intake Counsellor, to find the best match from our team.

With love and care, David Bridges,
Director, Clinical Registered Counsellor and Clinical Supervisor

Who is the best match for me?

Ever tried to find a particular jigsaw piece to fit a gap in a puzzle? You search and try until you find the piece that ‘just clicked’. We understand the importance of finding the ‘right’ counsellor. At your first enquiry, we get to know you and your issues, and provide you with options so you can be confident to find the right match or best fit for your needs.

What is the difference between psychologists and counsellors?

Our psychologists and social worker mostly work with mental health issues, and child, adolescent and family therapy. They mostly work short-term. Our registered counsellors work mostly with relationship counselling, personal issues, mental health, addictions, trauma and abuse. They work short or long-term depending on the issues.

Our counselling services in North Parramatta and Norwest

Our counselling team – alphabetic order

Rebates may be available. Please enquire.

Amy loves working with adults and with children, adolescents and their families. She has worked with vulnerable families experiencing trauma, domestic violence, drug and alcohol issues, chronic mental health and disabilities since 2009. Amy has experience in group therapy and adult education groups for many topics including parenting and self-care.

Carolyn values each unique person and works to provide a safe and collaborative therapeutic relationship. Carolyn is passionate about helping people connect, to self and others, particularly those with a history of trauma. She is a Master's degree qualified individual and couples therapist.

Christina has been counselling since 2013. Her approachable style aims to comfortably support couples recovering from affairs or sexual addictions and to empower individuals struggling with overcoming trauma, transitioning to adulthood, career changes, grief, and deep guilt/shame. Quantitative measures and psycho-education are often used in her emotionally sensitive, strengths-based approach.

David Bridges

Director, Clinical Registered Counsellor, Clinical Supervisor

Master of Counselling
$190 per session

David has been professionally counselling since 1996. His special passion is helping couples with complex histories and backgrounds. He works with highly abusive relationships and domestic violence, and empowers individuals working through past trauma, mental health and sexuality/gender issues. David has lectured in counselling courses, and provides clinical supervision.

Don Coles

Mental Health Social Worker, Clinical Supervisor

Master of Social Work
$175 per session

Don has over 35 years of counselling experience, working with anxiety, depression, stress, relationships, confidence issues, trauma effects, disability, parenting and mental health. He worked with the Child Abuse Royal Commission as a counsellor for 3 years, supporting people affected by childhood sexual abuse. He has provided clinical supervision for over 20 years.

Ivette has over 20 years experience working with adults and adolescents. She treats a variety of issues and is committed to helping each individual to meet their personal goals. Her desire is to provide support, guidance and education so that people can thrive and lead a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Jenny has been a professional counsellor since 2008 and specialises in individual counselling, psychotherapy and relationship counselling. She uses an Emotionally Focused perspective, which focuses on the emotional roots of an issue rather than just the symptoms. She uses a range of techniques to safely and respectfully help clients achieve their goals.

Jess' client-centered, emotionally-focused approach aims to gently help people discover the emotional roots of their core issues and provide tools to bring about lasting change. Her areas of specialisation include complex trauma, relationship counselling, grief and loss, and counselling for young adults. She is able to sensitively integrate faith issues for Christian clients.

Lynley loves working with children, adolescents, parents/carers, and is particularly passionate about working with people with disabilities. Lynley works with people experiencing anxiety and depression, grief and loss, providing parenting and behaviour support. She is also able to conduct standardised assessments such as cognitive (IQ) and adaptive assessments.

May has been providing psychological therapy since 2010, spanning across private practices, an immigration detention centre, an employee assistance program, non-profit organisations, hospitals and schools. Being a psychologist and a mother of young children, May has a special interest supporting parents experiencing depression and anxiety during pregnancy and early parenthood.

Melanie Townsend

Accredited Mental Health Social Worker

Bachelor Social Work
$255 per session

Melanie is a mental health social worker. Apart from Bridges, she is currently working on a specialist adolescent mental health unit and on the cutting edge of treatment for teenagers and families. Melanie works with dialectical behavioural therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy. She is passionate about helping people manage anxiety and trauma.

Rochelle has been counselling since 2003, working with teenagers, families and women. She has a special interest in trauma, emotionally focussed therapy and mentoring other counsellors. She helps people overcome their struggles, achieve their personal goals and find fulfilment. She also has experience working in schools and speaking in a variety of settings.

William has been counselling since 2003. He enjoys working with individuals, couples and groups. He is non-directive and collaborative and specialises in relationship counselling. His work ranges from brief to long term psychotherapy. He has experience working with complex issues such as abuse, addiction, same sex attraction, and anger management.