Women’s Issues

Woman experience some unique issues: relationship, sexual, hormonal and fertility difficulties, miscarriage or abortion grief, body image and parenting.

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Relationship difficulties

Some seek counselling for women if they find themselves having difficulties in the area of relationships. There are many different scenarios that may lead someone to seek support in this area. You may be having difficulty finding a partner, or connecting to someone emotionally or physically.

You may find yourself in a relationship of unhelpful communication patterns, or you may feel that the relationship is controlling or abusive. Some women find themselves in emotional affairs with someone other than their partner, or their partner has been unfaithful to them.

All of these scenarios can lead to stress and tension within a relationship and can cause emotional strain on a woman. By seeking support, you can explore these issues and maybe develop an understanding of the factors which contributed to those situations and how best to navigate your relationships in the future.

Let’s discuss common women’s issues in detail. Some of these issues are well talked about, other’s hold a certain level of stigma or privacy which sometimes makes it difficult to seek the help that you may be needing.

Sexual Issues

This is an area of frustration and confusion for many women. Physiologically, some women experience pain during intercourse, or cannot experience sexual fulfillment. For others, sexual or emotional intimacy is not something that is easy or enjoyable.

Some women may feel an emotional disconnect in this area of their life, or they may not have a drive or libido. There is also the possibility that you may find yourself unfulfilled because your find difficulty in being intimate.

These issues can be a serious source of conflict within an intimate relationship. Women can often feel as those they cannot freely discuss their concerns with their partner, or family or friends due to the intimate nature of the topic.

You can rest assured that discussing their concerns with a counsellor, or psychologist can help to dispel the stigma and get to finding solutions for you in this area.

Hormonal Issues

There are a number of health conditions that render a woman with hormonal imbalances, which lead to issues with their menstrual cycle and their mood. Some women can have a mood disorder which is related to their menstrual cycle. They can experience significant changes in mood at this time.

Some women may have symptoms associated to depression or anxiety at these times. Other women may have condition, such as a Thyroid condition or Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) for example. These conditions lead to changes in the hormone levels within the body which can have an altering affect in mood.

Another common hormonal condition which is common to many women is the experience of menopause. Not all women experience menopause, and some women experience symptoms of menopause much stronger than others.

Many common symptoms of menopause are physical in nature such as the well know “hot flushes”. However many symptoms of menopause are psychological in nature, such as anxiety and irritability. When women experience sudden onset menopause or early onset menopause these symptoms can be exacerbated.

Fertility Difficulties

Many women can find themselves with difficulties falling pregnant. This can have such a big effect on a person’s emotional wellbeing. There are many questions that one asks in these times, the WHY? And WHEN? Questions can render a woman feeling distraught and broken.

Women seek counselling to deal with the grief of not falling pregnant and the ambivalence that accompanies the decisions around whether to try for alternative methods of conception. Another reason woman may seek support is around the stress that such decisions can create.

Women who decide to use In vitro fertilisation (IVF) for example undergo rigorous protocols to lead to pregnancy and this can put many demands on them and on their relationship with their spouse.

Miscarriage or Abortion grief

Miscarriage and abortion are two areas where often women go through their grief silently or alone.

Miscarriage often occurs in the early stages of pregnancy, before a woman’s support network is aware of their pregnancy, this can often feel isolating and many women struggle with coming to terms with their loss. Miscarriage loss, like any loss of a child can cause a lot of sadness and strain within relationship.

Despite the stigma of abortion, women can often have similar grief reactions in relation to abortion. As well as this, women can have some regret or emotional conflict due to their decision. Talking about your experiences with a non-judgemental, non-biased third party counsellor may help to gain the support you need at these times in your life.

Parenting difficulties

Many women find themselves having difficulties as parents. There are many factors that affect parenting skills that are unique to women.

Some women find themselves suffering from Postnatal Depression, or other post-partum disorders such as postpartum psychosis. These conditions can have a great effect on how a woman interacts with and connects to their newborn.

Other issues relate to the quality of relationship or attachment with their children. Many parents can feel the strain of not understanding or connecting emotionally with their children. Women can really feel the stress of raising children and have high expectations around their parenting skills and success.

This can lead women to feel judged or they may have negative appraisals of themselves as mothers. There may be issues that can be sorted out through discussing your concerns with a counsellor or psychologist.

Many behavioural difficulties that children exhibit can be altered with the right plans and structures as explored with a psychologist.

Body Image difficulties

Although this is not something unique to a woman’s experience, as men can suffer from body image difficulties too, there is a gendered pattern of the number of people who suffer from conditions that relate to body image difficulties.

Eating disorders and body dysmorphia are more common in women that they are in men, and often the course of the conditions are different compared to men. Body image issues can be very detrimental to a woman’s confidence and emotional wellbeing.

Women seek help when these issues become too much to deal with, or significantly affect how one can function in their every dal life, in their relationships or in their social realms.

Where to go from here?

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