Christian Counselling in Sydney

Are you seeking a Christian psychologist or counsellor in Sydney?

  • Do you want a choice of Christian counsellors who will respect your Christian faith?
  • Do you want Christian marriage counselling from a therapist who shares your values?
  • Are you a pastor or church leader seeking help or ministry support?

Then check out our experienced team of Christian counsellors and psychologists today. We practice in Parramatta, the geographic heart of Sydney. It is our passion and privilege to work with people in some of their most vulnerable times.

What we offer in Christian counselling

We share your worldview, beliefs and values

If you are a Christian, the faith or spiritual dimension is a vital part of your life. You want your beliefs, values and spirituality respected. Our Christian worldview shapes how we approach all our clients – with acceptance and respect.

We provide the unbiased and respectful treatment

We promise unbiased and respectful treatment for all faith and non-faith backgrounds. Whatever your beliefs, we will provide professional, ethical practice, and respect your values. We draw upon the best psychological research and evidence-based practice in helping clients.

Christian psychologists and counsellors to serve you

All our team members are committed Christians who have a personal relationship with Jesus. All have taken pastoral and leadership roles in churches. Some our team have served as missionaries. Many of our team have some theological training.

Reach out for professional help today.

Helping believers and leaders

We help everyday Christians

Sometimes things happen in life and we don’t know where to turn for help. Maybe you are struggling with deep issues in your faith or are bearing scars from cult involvement. Christian friends, searching for answers and prayer don’t seem enough. A Christian counsellor may guide you to the extra depth and perspective from God you seek.

If you are a Christian leader and want to refer people to us, please chat with us to find out who we are and how we work. We would love to support the members of your community or ministry team.

We support local pastors and Christian schools

We provide support and accountability for pastors and leaders dealing with their particular vulnerabilities as they adjust to new or challenging roles.

Church leaders entrust to us families struggling with complex mental health issues.

Christian schools refer students to our expert adolescent psychologists.

We work with missionaries and Christian leaders

There are unique expectations and pressures in ministry families that lead to burnout. We provide debriefing, support and counselling for missionaries and those in stressful ministries.

We work alongside mission agencies, Bible colleges and churches to contribute our expertise. We can offer tailored services to aid in achieving the vision and mission for your church. Please download our flyer for more information.

Our team background

Our training in Christian counselling

Our registered counsellors have studied or taught in at least one of these Christian counselling institutions:

Our work in other Christian based organisations

Members of our team have worked in diverse Christian-based counselling organisations:

  • Anglicare Counselling (Anglican Counselling)
  • Baptist Community Services (LifeCare)
  • Excelsia College (previously Wesley Institute)
  • Hillsong Counselling (CityCare and Hillsong Health Centre)
  • Morling College
  • Salvation Army Counselling
  • Servants of Jesus
  • Wesley Mission

Common questions about Christian counselling

We are not religious.
Will you promote Christian views?

Our primary purpose is to offer the best professional therapy to help you reach your goals. Our team promises to respect your culture, beliefs, background and life journey.

Our therapists do not push their own agenda against your wishes. Our commitment is that we will not raise anything religious unless you invite it or take the first step.

We are Catholic / Anglican / Pentecostal / Other. Who would you recommend for us?

All team members are committed Christians. We represent major Christian denominations. We aim to help you find a therapist from our team that you are comfortable with.

Do you counsel Muslim couples? Will you respect us as people of faith?

Yes, we will work with your values and goals. Our team promises to respect your culture, beliefs, background and life journey.

The underpinning of Christian counselling is restoration:

God created mankind in his own image… God blessed them… “Be fruitful… fill the earth and subdue it”… God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.” – Genesis 1

How do you counsel Christian couples?

We believe that God created all people in his own image, in dignity, and designed marriage for life.

We also recognise the damage to marriage through affairs, domestic violence and traumas.

The role of our marriage counsellors is to offer a process for healing and restoration. Then it is up to each partner to engage in that process, to know and open up their own heart before God, and to make decisions based on their own God-given dignity and value.