Counselling for Women’s Issues – Therapy for Women

Seeking counselling for issues that are unique to women?

  • Do you struggle with self-confidence and body image?
  • Are you experiencing depression or eating disorders?
  • Did you undergo an emotional or physical abuse?
  • Want to talk about pregnancy, abortion or miscarriage?
  • Are you a single mum seeking support with parenting?
  • Do you experience discomfort but cannot define an issue?

If any of the above describes your conditions, we can help you.

Women’s issues can impact a women’s mental health. Our skilled and empathetic female counsellors can assist and support you.Ring us in order to choose the best match for your situation from our women’s issues counsellors on: (02) 9683 1444. For your convenience, you can book an appointment online, our counselling centre is open daytime and after hours, Monday to Saturday.

Women should embrace their own uniqueness.

After all, the rose is just as beautiful as a sunflower or a peony.

Common mental health concerns commonly experienced by women include:

Body image difficulties

Although this is not something unique to women, there is a gendered pattern of people who suffer from conditions that relate to body image.

Eating disorders, self-harm, and body dysmorphia are more common in women than they are in men. The causes of these conditions are often different compared to men.

Body image issues can be very detrimental to a woman’s confidence and emotional wellbeing. Low self-esteem and poor body image are imposed by marketers through advertisements and often result in risky weight loss strategies and mental health disorders like depression.

Fertility difficulties

Women seek counselling to deal with the grief of not falling pregnant. It can be a sad and confusing time accompanied by stress and ambivalence. Many seek guidance on whether to try for alternative methods of conception. There are many questions that one asks in these times: WHY? And WHEN?

Alternative methods of contraception, such as IVF can be invasive and demanding. This can put many demands on them and on their relationship with their spouse. Talking about it with a female counsellor or with one of our marriage counsellors can help you process the rollercoaster of emotions you may experience.

Miscarriage or abortion

Miscarriage and abortion are the two emotional experiences women often grieve in silence.

Miscarriages often occur in the early stages of pregnancy, before a woman’s support network is aware of their pregnancy. This can lead to feelings of isolation and many women struggle with coming to terms with their loss. Miscarriage loss, like any loss of a child, can cause a lot of sadness and strain within relationships.

Despite the stigma of abortion, the grief women can feel after abortion is real. They can have some regret or emotional conflict due to their decision. Talking about your experiences with a non-judgemental third party may help you process your feelings.

Counselling for Women's Issues

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Hormonal issues

Some health conditions can throw a woman’s hormonal system out of balance. This can lead to issues with their menstrual cycle and their mood. In reverse, some women can have mood disorders that relate to their menstrual cycle and mood. Symptoms associated with depression or anxiety are common during these times. Women can report not feeling like themselves.

Women commonly experience menopause when they reach a certain age. Not all women experience menopause and some women experience symptoms stronger or earlier than others.

Many common symptoms of menopause are physical in nature, such as the well know “hot flushes”. Many of these symptoms, such as anxiety and irritability, are psychological in nature. These symptoms can be exacerbated when menopause comes on suddenly or unexpectedly.

Relationship difficulties

Women often seek help for relational issues. You may be having difficulty finding a partner or connecting to someone emotionally or physically.

You might be seeking some guidance in navigating a relationship. Maybe you are finding yourself in a relationship of unhelpful communication patterns. Perhaps you feel that the relationship is controlling or abusive. Some women find themselves in emotional affairs. Or perhaps their partner has been unfaithful to them.

These scenarios can lead to stress and tension within a relationship and can cause emotional strain on a woman. Exploring these issues individually or with one of our marriage counsellors can help you understand the factors which contributed to the situation you are in. You can discover how to navigate your relationships in the future.

Parenting difficulties

Parenting can be wrought with many challenges. First-time mums can feel like they are thrown in the deep end. Feelings of overwhelm and inadequacy are common. Women may struggle with family or cultural expectations relating to parenting.

Some women find themselves suffering from Postnatal Depression or other post-partum disorders. These conditions can have a great effect on how a woman interacts with and connects to their newborn. Women can feel guilty when they struggle to bond emotionally with their child.

Women can feel the stress of raising children and have high expectations around their parenting skills and success. This can lead women to feel judged, or they may have negative appraisals of themselves as mothers. These are issues that can be worked through with a counsellor or psychologist.

Sexual issues

This is an area of frustration and confusion for many women.

Some women may feel an emotional disconnect in this area of their life, or they may not have a drive or libido. They may experience pain during intercourse or struggle to experience sexual fulfilment. For others, sexual or emotional intimacy is not something that is easy or enjoyable.

These issues can cause conflict within an intimate relationship. Women can often feel they are unable to openly discuss their concerns with their partner due to the intimate nature of the topic.

Discussing these concerns with one of our marriage counsellors or psychologists can help dispel the stigma and open up options.