Student Counselling Services for Study Stress

Do you need help coping with study anxiety or HSC exam stress?

  • Are you overwhelmed with academic pressure?
  • Do you feel like the study anxiety is affecting your mental health?
  • Are you finding it hard to concentrate under exam stress?
  • Are you feeling like giving up study?
  • Did you suffer an abuse as a student?
  • Is your student well-being in danger?

You are not alone. Our mental health professionals offer confidential student counselling away from university and school. Our student counsellors aim at assisting you at all levels, advocating for your personal goals and potential, and providing tools to help with your career decisions.

High school and university are sometimes the biggest stress stages a person go through in life. This is true because the academic pressure is stressful and the HSC exams are tough.

The period of exams and the end of uni semesters are the peak periods of study anxiety and exam stress our student counsellors deal with.

Ring us for a 15-minute free counselling at (02) 9683 1444 and let us suggest you the best match for your situation from our friendly team of student counsellors. For your convenience, we are open daytime and after hours, Monday to Saturday.

What is the study stress?

Students often seek counselling when they feel like they are not coping with academic pressure and their educational performance starts to suffer. In stressful situations like this, it is important for students to seek mental health support before things get out of control.

What is the impact of study stress on the body?

The physical symptoms of academic stress depend on many factors, but often include the following expressions:

  • over tiredness and lack of energy
  • frequent sickness or chronic pain
  • lack of appetite and digestive issues
  • racing heartbeats and overly sweating
  • tremor and trembling conditions
  • racing thoughts and inability to concentrate
  • insomnia or sleep issues
  • acne and skin problems
  • dizziness and breathing difficulty
  • nauseous feelings

The listed physical consequences of long-drawn study stress rarely go alone and often cause mental health issues.

How the academic stress affects mental health?

Educational anxiety often affects a student’s everyday mood:

  • a stressed student is easily frustrated or angry
  • the intensity can cause a person to get upset and cry more often
  • an anxious person can become easily offended, may hold grudges, or get into arguments
Protracted school stress can result in various harmful conditions:

  • hopelessness
  • demotivation
  • teariness
  • emotional bluntness or flatness
  • lack of appetite or weight loss
  • emotional eating and weight gain
  • difficulty concentrating or focus to get started on tasks
  • social withdrawal
  • being easily reactive or irritable

What does a student counsellor do?

Study stress has various effects on body and mental health.

Student counsellors help students identify the emotional issues caused by study stress and explain why things get out of control. Our mental health specialists help students better understand their anxiety and stress reactions.

A timely support of an experienced psychologist can protect a student from common negative stress-coping strategies.

Common negative stress-coping strategies:

  • taking recreational drugs
  • eating more fast food or snacks
  • drug dependencies
  • drinking beverages
  • not exercising
  • overeating
  • smoking

Student counselling can help you notice the signs of those unhelpful coping methods early and break the harmful habits before they take a hold of your life. Your long-term health is crucial for your future success.

2/3 of Australian students rate their mental health as poor *
* based on recent Australian survey by National Union of Students
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How does student counselling help students?

Our experienced student counsellors help the students in various ways.
We can:

  • help you discover the source of your stress
  • teach you strategies to improve your mood
  • train you to focus better
  • provide the practices to improve your health and self-care
  • investigate the reasons for sleep issues
  • teach you overcome the worries of failing
  • explore anxiety about the question of “what’s next?”
  • train you stay relaxed and calm
  • reduce the feelings of burnout
  • teach study strategies and organisational skills
  • plan the preparation of assignments or essays on time
  • help maintain a balance in life
  • assist with specific learning disorders
  • help overcome procrastination and find motivation
  • teach pre-exam relaxation methods as well as coping skills
Our student counsellors can also assist students in their relationships with other people.

Let us please know if you need help to communicate with:

  • parents
  • teacher
  • head teachers
  • principals
  • student welfare officers
  • school counsellors
  • university student support staff

All our counsellors are well-educated and know exactly what study pressure feels like. We understand what you are going through and are here to help you in your stressful time.

Please give us a call for a 15-minute free consultation with our Intake Counsellor at (02) 9683 1444, Monday to Saturday, 8am – 9pm.